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Window cleaning for condominium buildings

Lavage de vitres

Discover Vitro-Services’ advantages for condos, like those for other buildings all over Quebec.

Whatever the number of units in your condominium building, we will be able to rise to the challenge efficiently and with complete safety. With approximately fifty employees, we can provide larger teams and offer quick service.

  • Full liability insurance coverage: $2,000,000.00.

  • Technician-cleaners covered by CNESST.

  • Training certificates for use of ladders and step ladders from GRAVI-T-ZÉRO.

  • Experience technician-cleaners with continuous training at Vitro-Services.

  • Recommended by CAA Habitation.

  • Total respect for your possessions and your environment.


Trends and technology: Hydro Tube

HydroTube™ enables us to clean your windows quickly, with complete safety, and with our feet firmly on the ground!

Ultra Pure – Pure Water Cleaning System

The Ultra Pure system, using reversed osmosis techniques and deionization, with the sole aim of producing a large quantity of pure water, enables windows to be cleaned without leaving any traces or residue, with impeccable results.

Why pure water?

Pure water, with no traces of minerals, enables extremely efficient cleaning without having to use chemicals. Thus your windows will dry with no deposits, cleaner than ever.