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Residential window and rain gutter cleaning in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Residential window and rain gutter cleaning in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Vitro-Services has specialized in residential window and rain gutter cleaning in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve for the past 30 years. We know private homeowner expectations very well, when the time comes to clean the windows in their homes. Our expertise in residential window cleaning makes Vitro-Services a leader in the industry. Our window cleaning technicians are given continuous in-house training in order to guarantee exceptional service.

Residential window cleaning

We have been increasing our residential window cleaning service quality since 1988.

When you use Vitro-Services to clean your windows, this is what you can expect operationally:

  • The day before we confirm your appointment.

  • On window cleaning day, a team of two technicians will come to your home in an identifiable service vehicle, equipped with ladders, step-ladders and all the necessary materials.

  • The window cleaning operation will be carried out thoroughly and professionally.

  • Sliding doors will be promptly removed, the frames and mosquito nets will be cleaned, and then each of the panel will be cleaned and replaced.

  • Windows with handles will be cleaned inside and outside (including the inside and outside frames and mosquito nets).

  • Our materials and biodegradable products are highly specialized to obtain exceptional quality results.

Cleaning of rain clutters

Obstructed rain gutters increase the risk of water infiltration through your roof and other types of problems caused by water. Flushing of gutters is conducted in a secure manner by our team which has all the necessary equipment.

Prevention with Vitro-Services. In spring we are already on site cleaning windows and, from the top of our ladders, we can take a look at your rain gutters and keep you informed of any necessary action. Maintenance of your gutters will give them a longer lifespan and help to avoid any nasty surprises which may be costly.

We also offer a service for cleaning the external surface of your rain gutters. This operation, conducted by our technician-cleaners, will bring back the initial aspect of the drains.

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